Summertime Jewelry Trends

Summer is not over yet! There still time to try out some new and interesting jewlery trends for this season. Stay fashionable and up-to-date by following our suggestions for totally fabulous summertime jewelry.


Body Chain

Want the ultimate, out-of-the-box statement piece? Well body chains are a jewelry options that cannot be ignored. Recently made popular again by celebrities with rocking bodies, you can rock the body chain with a bathing suit or a plain, cropped tee and some shorts. Check out our body chain styles only for $14.


Ear Cuff

Afraid of the piercing gun? Want to try a new look with out permanent changes to your body? The ear cuff is the perfect solution to add additional jewelry to your ear without the need of piercing an extra hole. Subtly add this modern and trendy fashion accent to any outfit and you’ll be sure to turn a few heads. The best part? You can grab ours for only $6!


Choker Necklace

This may seem a little bit 90s, but the choker necklace is back… with a twist! Rock this badass neck piece with a modern style. Wear this statement jewelry piece with a simply black dress, like the featured picture. Grab yours now for only $22!

4 Trends You Need To Try Before Summer Ends

Summer’s flying by, and before you know it we’ll be wrapped in our favorite knits wearing our signature leather jacket again. But before you transition into shopping for fall items, here are a few summer trends you won’t want to pass up!

Lux 2-Piece $55

Lux 2-Piece $55

Matching 2-Piece Outfit: One of this season’s hottest trends, co-ordinating your outfits with matching patterns is a chic and mod ensemble choice. These matching sets are an easy way to make an outfit look polished without having to really do too much work. Just slip on a pair of shoes and sunglasses and your good to go.



Palazzo Pant: We’ve already talked about it before.

Jane - $48

Jane – $48

The palazzo pant isn’t going anywhere. In fact, it may even stick around into the fall.

Butterfly Effect - $35

Butterfly Effect – $35

Kimono Cardigan: A perfectly cute way to transition from the summer heat to the breezy summer nights, the kimono cardigan is a fun and bright way to stay warm. It looks absolutely perfect with a cropped top and a pair of lace shorts.

Aztec - $38

Aztec – $38

Aztec Patterned Shorts: The aztec pattern has been seen in every clothing piece this season from shirts to dresses to shoes. Well, the aztec style short is the cutest way to rock this season’s trend. As long as the temperatures are still high, why not color our outfits with the coolest trend at the moment.

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