Styling tips: How to wear bright colors

bright colorsWe’re all guilty of it—sticking to one trusty color and buying every fashion item in that hue, convinced it’s the only color that suits us. Why stray from what works, right?

Wrong. There’s a whole rainbow spectrum out there just waiting to be explored. To add some variety to the sea of black and navy consuming your closet, chew over these style tips:

How to wear orange: Looks best when paired with: grays, tan. When selecting colors to complement the base color of your outfit, imagine how you would look when filtered in black and white. An element of contrast is always key.

How to wear yellow: Looks best when paired with: blues, pink. Stay away from dark browns and blacks as it gives it a retro vibe, which dates your look.

How to wear purple: Looks best when paired with: rich navy, grey.

How to wear neons: As you age, you can go from wearing neon colors from head to toe, complemented with white, to making a statement with pops of neon in an accessory, or a skirt or pants.

How to wear neutrals: Still adamant about keeping neutrals as your default color palette? To avoid choosing clothing that looks like you’re literally in the nude, try tones of beige and grey that contrast with your skin tone and hair color.

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