How To Style Patterned Leggings



Who else loves the complete versatility of leggings! I know I do! It’s no wonder; they’re comfortable, adaptable and, when worn correctly, very flattering. Rock your patterned leggings well into fall with these tips!


Start Subtly: Choose a style that has a more conservative pattern like a neutral print or tiny polka dots.


Keep Your Top Simple: Don’t detract from the sexiness of your printed leggins. Don a solid color top that will nicely complement the boldness of your pants.


Consider the Pattern: Something with horizontal stripes can be tricky, especially for us bit bottomed girls! Determine which patterns and colors are flattering to you and stick with those!


Match the Intensity: Don’t dull your new pants by wearing pastels with brights. Create an intense effect when you match neon pants with a corresponding neon top.


Color Blocking: A new fade, color blocking with patterned leggings is a chic and cool way to rock them. Choose accent colors from your pants and highlight them with a similar colored belt, shoe, handbag, or jewelry.


Balance Is Key: Sometimes, patterned bottoms have the tendency to look to casual. Counter act this will a dressy top and some kickin’ stilettos!


Confidence: As with almost every fashion trend, those around you can sense whether you feel good in something or not. Carry yourself with some swagger — people will admire your bold sense of style!


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